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Copper fittings "share" with you the method of selecting copper pipes


Copper fittings are not strange to us. It is understood that many friends are faced with a problem that they do not know how to choose. Now the welfare comes, and the small edition of Jiake copper fittings shares the method of choosing copper pipes for you, hoping to help you.

JiaKe copper pipe with you "share" the method of choosing copper pipe

The method of choosing copper pipe is as follows:

1, the advantages and disadvantages of first distinguish the brass fitting, we can look at from brass fitting itself, on the surface of the outside, we can use some more pointed things a bit, if you have a deep line to produce at this moment, so that it is a good copper, because good brass fitting is used than pure copper, copper extensibility is very good. Therefore, this kind of better material is not graded for military industry production or some relatively special industries;

2, just in the outside of the surface of the copper fittings, we can also be in the inside of the surface of the copper fittings, and then compare the two with each other, if the effect is the same, it shows that the overall material of the copper fittings is good, on the contrary, it may be the texture of the copper fittings itself is not pure;

3, because of the properties of the copper fittings, so when we force to fold the copper fittings, in fact, it is relatively easy to bend, on the contrary, we can judge the material is not pure copper or the effect of copper itself is not good.