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Pipe fittings with you to understand the air conditioning copper pipe copper tee


Pipe air conditioning copper tee, is a kind of refrigeration copper joint, has good corrosion resistance, wear resistance and compression resistance is more prominent. To understand the copper tee, we must first understand the copper.
Red copper is copper elemental, because of its color for the purple name. Copper is industrial pure copper, its melting point is 1083℃, no allotropic isomeric transformation, the relative density of 8.9, for magnesium five times, than ordinary steel is about 15% heavier. It has a rose red, the surface of the formation of oxide film was purple, so it is generally called copper. It is copper with a certain amount of oxygen, so it is also called oxygenated copper.

Jiaco copper pipe fittings take you to understand the air conditioning copper pipe copper tee

Copper tee

The use of red copper

The use of red copper is much more extensive than pure iron, every year 50% of the copper is purified by electrolysis into pure copper, used in the electrical industry. The red copper here, really very pure, containing more than 99.95% copper line. Very small amounts of impurities, especially phosphorus, arsenic, aluminum, etc., can greatly reduce the electrical conductivity of copper. The oxygen in copper (copper smelting is easy to mix with a small amount of oxygen) has a great effect on the conductivity, the copper used in the electrical industry must generally be oxygen free copper. In addition, lead, antimony, bismuth and other impurities will make copper crystallization can not be combined together, resulting in thermal embrittlement, will also affect the processing of pure copper. This highly pure copper is generally refined by electrolysis: impure copper (crude copper) is used as anode, pure copper is used as cathode, and copper sulfate solution is used as electrolyte. When the current passes through, the impure copper on the anode is gradually dissolved, and the pure copper is gradually deposited on the cathode. The copper thus obtained; Purity up to 99.99%.